Sailing trip
20 - 27 February 2021
Whale Sharks
Giant Mantas
White Sand
Warm Ocean
Beautiful Sunsets
Bathing in the glowing plankton
Our Route
20 February
Our yachts will meet us right from the plane and take us from the beautiful bay of the airportto another part of the island
There will be time to get acquainted with each other and swim in a beautiful bay, and then meet the sunset directly from the boat
21 February
In the morning we will meet an awesome sunrise by swimming from a boat - a huge number of fish and a beautiful warm ocean, and immediately after we will havt breakfast with fresh fruit on the boat.
On this day, we will go to Banana Reef to swim with huge mantas, take cool photos and sunbathe on the Sand Bank - sandy island lost in the middle of the ocean
22 February
Uninhabited islands, lost beaches, beautiful anchorages all day long!
And in the evening we will moor to a small local island. We'll take a sunset walk, bargain for a coconut shell for a barbecue, buy a huge fish and fry it on a boat. Time for a romantic dinner at anchor!
23 February
Let's go swimming with whale sharks, the bravest ones can even touch them, incredible creatures will be so close! Just in case, we will have an experienced guide who will help us to find the sharks and take care for our safety
24 February
We'll get to the neighboring island, look at huge sea turtles, drink mango juice while lying in a hammock among the palm trees, and in the evening, we'll have a barbecue right on the beach!
Red sunset will give way to the incredible starry sky - time for a night swim in the warm ocean
25 February
After a cool day, we will find a beach with glowing plankton. The sky will be under our feet and we will go swimming among the stars
26 February
We will walk along the coral reef, dodge scurrying water planes, swim in the warm ocean and head back to our home parking lot. Let's arrange a pleasant evening at anchor and sleep in the sails
27 February
Here our journey ends, we will have to swim at dawn, have breakfast with fruit and go home
1690 €

8 Days on the sailing yacht between beautiful uninhabited islands
8 Days

All around paradise Islands with white sand
Indian Ocean

One of the greatest snorkel spots
  • The comfortable yacht we will live and travel
  • Small boat with motor to get out on the uninhabited islands
  • Professional guide to help us visit some of the most incredible destinations in the Maldives
  • Ocean, White beaches, Sailing, Fun
Not Included
  • Flight to Maldives (How to fly?)
  • Expenses for food, fuel, alcohol - about 200 euro
How to get to the place
The yachts will be waiting for us right at the exit from Male Airport (MLE) - all that remains is to throw a suitcase on the boat and go to the ocean.

Maldives is open, only PCR test required for entry
Как поехать дешевле?
В каждой лодке есть места в самых носовых каютах, они рассчитаны на одного человека, и имеют отдельный вход сверху, но могут быть менее комфортны чем обычные каюты

Цена похода при размещении в такой каюте - 1190 евро

Какой общий бюджет поездки?
1690 евро уйдет на оплату яхты
+700 евро на билеты
+200 евро расходы на еду, топливо, марины и алкоголь
и около 100 евро нужно заложить на местные рестораны

Итого около 2700 евро нужно на всю поездку включая все, даже авиаперелет
Maldives 2021
20-27 February
The Yachts
Two catamarans Leopard 384 (2015) with a watermaker and air conditioning
Double and single cabins, toilets, showers and kitchen
+7 962 174 55 60